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ChaCha particularly is seeking applicants who can work late night hours, when volume is high and earning potential is strong, although all hours are available.

* Love researching online
* Fluent in English
* Excellent writing skills
* High-speed Internet connection

* Relevant work experience for your resume
* Exclusive tips and training from professional journalists
* Interaction with a diverse community
* Bragging rights to very unique knowledge
* Flexible hours (work anywhere with a PC and internet access—anytime you want!)
* $4 - $8.50 per search hour, you wont get rich but it does put change in your pocket
* Liveop calls slow? heres something to do between calls

ChaCha is seeking smart, savvy people with strong general knowledge of web search and research, for a fun and flexible position helping consumers with wide-ranging (sometimes irreverent) reference questions.

If you enjoy learning new things, finding answers on the Internet, and helping others get the information they need, then ChaCha may have a job for you!

At ChaCha, we let you use your brainpower anywhere you are, giving you more flexibility with your life and your work schedule. We do require you to be sharp when you’re on the job, but those hours are yours to arrange. ChaCha Guides will be self-employed, conducting research from home.

Hours are flexible—ChaCha is available 24/7, and need Guides all hours of the day and night. This is not a phone or Internet sales job! You are paid for providing responses to text queries from our customers.

Visit for more information. Think you have what it takes?

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